Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing technique to engage with your (opt-in) email data base of customers and prospects. Did you know that you can segment your database and reach different people with unique and extremely targeted marketing messages?

• Have you an existing email marketing strategy & is it working?
• Do you collect and use email addresses?

It is surprising how many companies do not. Email marketing can reap huge rewards and can greatly help with customer acquisition, retention and extension.

What can SWOT Digital Help My Company With?

Our Email Marketers can help you with newsletter marketing services to market your company online:Email Marketing Strategy Review, Newsletter Setup and Newsletter Management.

Email Marketing Strategy Review, Setup and Newsletter Management

If you are you currently carrying out Email Marketing, we will review your existing Strategy. This may include:

• Set up, organise and segment existing email database, as necessary
• Provide recommendations on email capture on website, if necessary
• Email marketing campaign development

Or, if you are not currently doing Email marketing, we can work with you to implement an email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Reporting Services

On its own sending out email marketing messages is not enough. You must understand how the recipients of these emails, interact with them. It is of paramount importance that you know if your email marketing messages are having the desired effect.

Therefore, we report on a number of important email marketing metrics including:

• Percentage / Number of emails opened
• Percentage / Number of clickthroughs to links (typically your website)in the email
• Percentage / Number of emails that convert (a conversion to you might be an email enquiry, an online sale etc)
• Percentage / Number of emails that bounce (i.e. don’t reach the recipient)

A knowledge of the above email marketing metrics enables you to greatly improve your email data base. Constant refinement will make your email data base more relevant and more valuable to you.

Furthermore, you will be able to segment your database based on how different email contacts interact with you email marketing messages. For example, if you send out an email to 1000 contacts and you have two links in the email, one to product ‘a’ and one to product ‘b’. If 400 people click on ‘a’ and 600 click on ‘b’ you could then segment the database so that in the future people that clicked on ‘a’ receive more targeted information relating to this product whilst those that clicked on ‘b’ receive information relating to that product. This is an over-simplified example, but it demonstrates how email marketing, if done correctly, can be an extremely powerful way to target different people with different highly targeted information.

More information on reporting can be found in our Website Analytics and Reporting section.

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