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SWOT’s the Story?

SWOT Digital, was founded by Chris Wanger and Mark Loud, two respected Digital Marketers with over 20 years Digital Marketing experience.

SWOT Digital Limited are an Irish company with head offices in the Digital Depot, Dublin 8. We are ideally placed to service clients within Dublin & further afield.  Our client base is comprised of local, national and international businesses.

SWOT’s the Difference?

SWOT recognize that each and every company is unique and different to the next. Consequently no single Digital strategy or online marketing solution is going to be suitable for a number of businesses. All of our clients are therefore given a tailored service and a bespoke Digital Marketing Strategy is provided and implemented. It would of course be handy group companies together and then offer a packaged service to each group. However through years of experience of dealing with clients in Ireland and around the globe, it is evident that this approach doesn’t work. SWOT Digital see the uniqueness in you and the strategies and solutions we provide to you and implement for you, will be unique too.

Chris & Mark hard at work in the Office

SWOT’s in the Name?

swot digitalOur picture paints a thousand words

There is a clue in the name! For the un-indoctrinated SWOT is a common acronym in strategic marketing parlance and stands for: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity Threats In developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for you , SWOT will examine the inner workings of your company (your strengths and your weaknesses) as well as the marketplace you operate in (the opportunities and the threats you face). This is why we are SWOT Digital, your Strategic Digital Marketing Partners.

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