About Us

SWOT’s the story?

About Us

SWOT’s the story?

Based in Ormond Quay, minutes from the heart of Dublin City, Swot have been helping businesses of all sizes build a successful digital presence for 15 years. We are a market-leading, results-driven business with dedicated teams that love their work!

We use experience, innovation, and passion to deliver results that have boosted the web presence of both Irish and international companies. All are delivered with a customer focus that is second-to-none.

Whether you are looking for Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads management, Social Media Advertising, Web-design, or all of the above, we can help.

Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions


At SWOT Digital, we believe in building partnerships with our clients. We understand that every business is different; each has its own philosophy and character and unique goals and vision.

We start by understanding this and understanding your customers too! We then build a tailored digital solution that reflects your business and what it stands for perfectly.

Whether you are looking for improved visitor and sales numbers from your existing site, or a complete digital strategy from the ground up, we can customise the perfect solution.



Chris Wanger

Chris has worked in the digital marketing space since last century(!), running Google Ads campaigns for almost as long as they have. He set up Swot Digital along with Mark Loud in 2014 and oversees the Paid Advertising division of the company.

Outside of work, it’s all about family, watching lots of sports, playing golf and traveling. When he can, he likes to bore anyone that will listen about the time he once cycled to India and starred in a Bollywood movie.


Mark Loud

Mark originally started his career as a Web Developer with an interest in all things technical. Whilst working in house as a developer in the early 00’s he was exposed to the power of SEO and the dramatic effects it can have on a business. In 2009 he setup his own SEO agency and in 2014 merged with Chris Wanger to setup SWOT Digital as a full service Digital Marketing Agency.

When not working you will find me either training for a marathon (2 done so far), watching Rugby & Football or winning victory royale’s during the week playing Fortnite with my two daughters.

SEO Manager

Paulo Andrade

Despite a background in architecture, Paulo soon found his true calling in Digital Marketing. Since joining SWOT Digital in 2017 as an SEO manager, he has never looked back. His drive and commitment are as fresh as they were the day he joined.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball (nobody's perfect), long walks in the countryside, and is an enthusiastic and long-suffering fan of his local football team.

PPC Manager

Dusan Vostinic

SEO Manager

Smilja Pjesivac

Smilja is a brilliant SEO strategist and analyst with years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. She’s results driven hungry to learn and provides creative solutions to unique problems. Away from work she likes long walks, good company and the great outdoors.
Social Media Ads Manager

Jelena Davidovic

Jelena has (as she puts it) been in a relationship, with digital marketing for more than eight years. With her first pay packet she bought a dog she named Djura who has gone through multiple global digital projects with her and she likes to say is a one of a kind digital marketing assistant. . She is so passionate about the work she does she is often tempted to buy the products and use the services she advertises.

Outside of work, she loves to read and spend time in outdoors, usually overdressed because she is fashion addict.

Web Developer

Lazar Jovanetic

Lazar has over 17 years of experience in the IT sector. For the last 7 years, he has concentrated on WordPress development which is where his main career interests lie. He enjoys late-night coding and believes that everything can be fixed with a few lines of CSS code.

Outside of work, food and nature photography are his main interests. He is trying to become a better chef every day. Besides that, he enjoys gaming, weight lifting and has a penchant for Baby Guinness.

Web Developer

Vladimir Karaicic

Vladimir, is a logical, technically-oriented IT professional with over 5 years of experience. He currently specialises in front-end web design mostly focusing on WordPress and Woocommerce, while also making strides in learning JavaScript and PHP.

Most of my work has been done on various interesting projects in cooperation with small and medium-sized local businesses and companies.

He spends his free time with family and friends and taking part in sports like competitive swimming. In the future he plans to become a full-stack developer and travel the world.


Marko Mutavdzic

As a child, Marko enjoyed the tv ads between cartoons. When he was in a car waiting for the green light, he was fascinated by the billboards. While studying, he was involved in programming, but quickly became bored of numbers and variables which he said were too uniform for his artistic brain. Basically, he’s been designing his whole life and he loves brands and their stories.

In his free time, when he’s not at the computer, you can see him on the theater scene, in music videos, commercials and movies.

SEO Specialist

Kristina Bogdanovic

Kristina may have started her professional career by studying languages, Swedish particularly, but in 2015, she became a real SEO addict. She has an 11 years old experience in e-commerce, specifically in e-commerce SEO and content planning, with a love for analytics and all technical.
Outside of work, she likes spending time with her boys, reading, enjoying interior design magazines and watching movies.
Account Manager

Rob Giles

Rob Giles has over 15 years of experience in marketing roles for SMEs in Dublin. He has built a wealth of knowledge in marketing planning, developing strategies and producing budgets. He possesses a Diploma in Digital Marketing and a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Rob is an avid terrible golfer and also supports Leeds. Both past times do not help his stress levels.

Digital Marketing Executive

Bruno Grandis

Bruno Grandis is a Digital Marketing Executive with 11 years of experience planning and developing digital campaigns for companies all around the globe. Initially a designer, he quickly realized his passion for learning to use new and creative tools, pivoting his career into becoming a multidisciplinary digital marketer.

When he's not sitting in front of a computer planning and creating content for our clients, he is most likely playing great video games or watching really bad movies.

Why Choose SWOT Digital?

We are so sure you will love the work we do that we never sign clients up for long-term contracts. Rather we prefer to let the numbers do the talking and work with clients on a month-to-month basis. This helps to keep us hungry and the customer happy!

We measure our success by our customer’s success. And we love to boast about it! To this end, we offer a completely transparent service with full analytics so you can see exactly how the magic we weave has boosted your visitor figures.

By using SWOT Digital, you have a team on your side that brings passion, enthusiasm, diligence, and expertise to boost your digital channels.

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Google Partners

Our business is making sure that your online business thrives.

We are accredited Google Partners, which helps to ensure that the ads we run will drive thousands of new clients to our client’s websites. We have perfected the art of Google Ads management, and our ad campaigns have enthralled millions of people and generated millions of Euros in sales.

Why not contact us and find out how our tailored and highly targeted Google Ad campaigns can help your business.