Google Ads Management

Achieve instant results and increased revenue with transparent campaigns that work!


Google Ads can be incredibly effective. But without the right skill set needed to ensure success, a poorly orchestrated ad campaign can be a costly and ineffective waste of valuable time.

Our expert and dedicated Google Ads team have years of experience in creating stunningly successful Google Ad campaigns. A fact recognised by our industry peers, as over the years, we have won a number of industry awards.

We are also certified Google partners helping to further ensure that each campaign we manage is created from the ground up to achieve maximised results.

Making Every
Click Count

At SWOT Digital, we have been running successful Google Ads campaigns for as long as Google has been running Ads!

Our expertise and experience gained over these years are plain to see in the success of our campaigns. Our team of experts take a hands-on approach to all campaigns and work closely with our clients to ensure that every click is a potential customer.

Our customer base includes clients from Ireland and further afield and represents businesses of all sizes. So, whether you have a budget of €10 or €2,000 per day, we can build a scaled solution that just works!

How Google Ads Management Can Benefit Your Business

Google Ads are an incredibly powerful business tool, and when ad campaigns are enhanced with highly effective Google ads management, the results can be stunning.

At SWOT Digital, our Google Ads Management team ensures that your business will reap the following benefits.

Instant results

Your website is instantly visible when people search for the product or service you are offering.

Up and running fast

Start displaying relevant ads that drive traffic to your website in no time.

Highly targeted ads

Proper management ensures your ads will only be seen by the right demographic.

No click means no charge

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

Transparent service

Our awesome monthly reports give you all the analytics you will ever need right at your fingertips. Full details on aspects like website sales, web form enquiries, telephone calls and more are all included.

What Does Google Ads Management Include?

No two businesses are the same, and the same can be said for Google Ads Management solutions. That’s why we tailor every solution to fit the business, its goals, and the options they choose.

The major areas that our tailored solution can include are:

  • Search Advertising Management
  • Geo targeting
  • Ongoing keyword analysis, research and refinement
  • Keyword match type strategy analysis
  • Search query analysis
  • Quality score analysis
  • Search re-marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Display re-marketing
  • Ongoing text ad creation and testing
  • Landing page optimisation recommendations
  • Device analysis
  • Demographic targeting
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Monthly reporting, KPI and Goal review
  • Ad extension analysis
  • Conversion optimisation

How It Works

We run transparent campaigns that are results-driven. We are so confident that you will love our Google Ads Services that we don’t insist you sign up for any long-term contracts. Rather, we work on a month-to-month basis and let the results do the talking.

Our diligence, professionalism, and expertise are apparent from the moment we start working with you. At each step of the way, we work to ensure that your campaign is always producing results. To achieve this, all our campaigns follow some basic steps to design a perfectly tailored Google Ads campaign:


Getting to know you
We start by understanding your business. What its philosophy and character are, what the aims of the campaign are, and the demographics of your target audience.


Getting to know your customers
It’s easy to get traffic to a web page, but getting quality traffic isn’t so easy. We glean a thorough understanding of your audience and the keywords they commonly use when searching on Google.


Create a winning campaign
Armed with all the information we need, we put all our expertise into creating a highly tailored stunning Google Ads campaign that will produce the desired results.


Making every count click
We endlessly analyse the performance of your ad campaign to make sure we maximise the performance of every ad and make every click count!

Increased Customer Numbers Made Easy

At SWOT Digital, we have made the whole process as simple as possible. To get started, simply contact us today, and our team of Google Ads experts will have a successful ad campaign in place in no time.

Why wait when our Google Ads Management Service can quickly boost visitor numbers and drive revenue!

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