Case Studies

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Case Studies

View our work

SWOT Digital have worked with many clients over the years, each with their own unique service requirements. Here are some case studies that document the processes and requirements of these.


Achieved No.1 rankings on many high value keywords

Doubled organic traffic

Reduced cost per click by 90% on Google Ads.

Coole Swan

45% increase in organic traffic
500% increase in transactions

Odyssey Bathrooms

28% decrease in click through rate

12% full in cost per click

Cafe Brands

300% increase in ROI from Google Ads
150% increase in organic clicks from better ranking


Increased lead generation through different paid advertising channels
Created new content to market new product lines

U Store It

Decreased cost per click by more than 100%
26% increase in CTR


Increase in sales qualified leads
33% increase in organic traffic

Beechview Medical

Developed new highly engaging website
Doubled organic traffic