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Google Ads Management


Google Ads, is Google’s online advertising platform.  It is been in existence since October 2000.  It allows advertisers using Ads to show adverts in various formats such as text ads, image ads, shopping ads and video ads to people browsing Googles networks.

Google is by a distance the market leader in terms of search engine usage with over 90% of internet searches being done on Google.

If you are considering online advertising, Google Ads cannot be ignored.  Setting up and running Google Ads allows businesses the opportunity to display their advertising message at the top of Google’s search engine results pages, getting their ads seen by people searching for the products and services they provide.

Case Studies

Chem-Dry Express
94% increase in click through rate
64% increase in conversion
Reduced cost per click by 90%
Increased click through rate by 140%
Cooks Academy
383% increase in CTR
60% improvement in bounce rate
142% increase in impression share
Cafe Brands
300% ROI from AdWords within month 1
High ranking on many relevant keywords
Month on month increase in online lead generation and customer acquisition.
Certified Windows
Took over an under-performing AdWords account and turned it around in Month 1
ROI of 200% in month 2
Ongoing growth, leading to on the ground expansion into new territories.
Odyssey Bathrooms
28% increase in CTR
12% fall in CPC


Benefits of Google ads management

Google Ads Partner, specialising in search and mobile ads

If you are looking to acquire new customers now, Google Ads advertising may be the perfect fit for your business.

Why use Google Ads?

  • Get almost instant visibility of your advertising message at the top of Google’s search engine results pages
  • Only pay when someone clicks on your Ads through to your website
  • Restrict ads to only show to your specific target audience
  • Keep tight control of your advertising budget
  • Get full transparency on account performance, on specific KPIs such as website enquiries and sales.

Why outsource Google Ads management?

Outsourcing Ads management is suitable for Businesses who do not have the in house resources to manage Ads advertising campaigns themselves.

Done well, Ads advertising can be an extremely effective advertising tool in your marketing arsenal. However if not correctly set up and poorly managed it can be completely ineffective and waste a lot of money. An Ads Management solution from SWOT Digital will drive better targeted traffic to your website yielding increased conversion at a lower cost, meaning an increasing return on investment.

What does  Google Ads management Include?

The Ads platform is rich with features and offers a range of Advertising options.  Those used vary from client to client and are determined by the goals of using Ads advertising.  Areas covered as part of management can include:

  • Search Advertising management
  • Geo targeting
  • Ongoing keyword analysis, research and refinement
  • Keyword match type strategy analysis
  • Search query analysis
  • Quality score analysis
  • Search re-marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Display re-marketing
  • Ongoing text ad creation and testing
  • Landing page optimisation recommendations
  • Device analysis
  • Demographic targeting
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Ad extension analysis
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Monthly reporting, KPI and Goal review

What Are You WAiting For?

Whether you are an existing Ads advertiser looking to improve return on investment or a company considering Google Ads advertising for the first time, talk to SWOT DIGITAL today.

We provide hands-on management of your Ads account with transparent reporting so you can see exactly what is and what is not working.  With over 15 years experience in Google Ads we’ve loads of satisfied customers.  Why don’t you become the next one.

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