PPC or PAY PER CLICK is an advertising model operated by a number online platforms such as Google, Facebook & Bing. As it’s name suggests you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website. Using pay PPC advertising is a very effective way to get your adverts at the top of search engines, like Google, so that you are seen by potential customers, when they are searching for the products and services you provide.
The mechanics of PPC are simple to explain. You select keywords that you’re customers might use to search for the products and services you have. You bid on these keywords. You write adverts that are associated with these keywords, that if your bid is suitably high and are good quality will trigger when someone searches on these words. People then click on these adverts through to your website (hence pay per click) and then complete a desired action on your web page (like fill in an enquiry form, download something, telephone you, or even make a purchase).

That is very much a simplification of the PPC process. The larger PPC advertising platforms such as Google AdWords (which was first released in the 2000) have become increasingly more intricate and nuanced meaning to get the most from them require hands on management, hence the SWOT DIGITAL PPC MANAGEMENT SOLUTION.

PPC Benefits

  1. Get almost instant visibility of your advertising message at the top of search engine results pages
  2. Only pay when someone clicks on your advert through to your website
  3. Restrict adverts to show when someone matches predefined criteria such as keyword, location, time of day & day of week
  4. Keep tight control of budget setting daily cut-off limit
  5. Get full transparency on account performance, seeing in real time, what works and what doesn’t, making changes on the fly
  6. Test adverts and landing pages ongoing to maximise performance
  7. Take advantage of advanced features – for example use Ad extenstions to provide a greater amount of information in adverts and Remarketing to target people people have already visited your website before

PPC Management

Our PPC Management Service is suitable for Businesses who do not have the in house resources to manage PPC themselves. Done well, PPC advertising can be an extremely effective advertising tool in your marketing arsenal. However if not correctly set up and poorly managed it can be completely ineffective and waste a lot of money. A PPC Management solution from SWOT Digital will drive better targeted traffic to your website yielding increased conversion at a lower cost, meaning an increasing return on investment.

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