At SWOT Digital we do not provide a one size fits all solution when it comes to SEO, each company is different and our tailored SEO service is designed to focus on your individual needs as a business, requiring a dedicated SEO strategy and a crack team of SEO ninja’s to help implement the plan.

SEO Process

We have been optimising websites to rank since 2004 and over the years we have developed a fine tuned an seo process that we know can bring success to websites across all industries.


All campaigns start off with a comprehensive benchmarking process. We will document your current website status and online position (rankings etc) alongside a number of your main competitors. This will give you a clear and defined starting point to the campaign and let you know exactly where you currently sit online.


Your website is the foundation of your ability to rank well online and if you do not have an optimised and search engine friendly website then you will never reach your full potential with your rankings. We will perform an extensive website audit, highlighting all of the technical and content issues that are holding your website back along with the proposed fixes. With this step complete you are on your way to ranking success.


A successful campaign requires a well structured online strategy that is tailored to your business requirements. Our strategy document will outline the work involved and the results anticipated throughout the campaign so that you can get a fully transparent view of what you are paying for and the expected results.

Content Promotion & Link Building

This is where our SEO ninja’s get busy building up your online authority and visibility. The two core concepts behind gaining a strong online presence are down to quality content and the generation of high quality inbound links. We will use the most modern, ethical techniques to build up your online reputation and deliver a great return on your investment.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

  1. SEO will improve your organic search engine rankings
  2. Statistically more people click on organic listings than paid listings. By ranking highly on the first page your site will gain more visitors and more business
  3. Traffic you receive from organic listings is 100% free

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