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SEO Services


At SWOT Digital we do not provide a one size fits all solution when it comes to SEO, each company is different and our tailored SEO service is designed to focus on your individual needs as a business, requiring a dedicated SEO strategy and a crack team of SEO ninja’s to help implement the plan.

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SEO Case Studies

Moran & Ryan Solicitors
120% Increase in organic traffic
Multiple #1 Rankings
Lynn Communications
185% Increase in organic traffic
Numerous #1 Rankings
U Store It
Numerous #1 Rankings
Increase in Local SEO

Benefits of SEO

  1. SEO will improve your organic visibility through increased search engine rankings
  2. Statistically more people click on organic listings than paid listings. By ranking highly on the first page your site will gain more visitors and more business
  3. Traffic you receive from organic listings is 100% free
  4. Increased Brand Awareness

What does Search Engine Optimisation Include?

Each SEO campaign we run is customised to the the specific requirements and goals of every client. However the core principals behind a successful campaign remain the same and core blocks of work are required to ensure this success.

Below are the elements of work we focus on within each SEO campaign to improve a websites authority and visibility within Google and other search engines.

Website Audit

Your website is the foundation of your ability to rank well online and if you do not have an optimised and search engine friendly website then you will never reach your full potential with your rankings. We will perform an extensive website audit, highlighting all of the technical and content issues that are holding your website back along with the proposed fixes. We will then work with you to fix and implement changes to make sure your website is the best it can be for both search engines and users alike.



Understanding what people search for online for your products and services is fundamental to driving the right kind of people to your website. Our keyword research process takes in the inside knowledge of the client as well as many independent data sources to build up a definite list of search terms we know will drive valuable traffic to your website.


A well optimised page should be both engaging to the end user but also hit all the right notes for the search engines. This is no easy task to achieve and getting a page to rank as well as convert can differ greatly depending on the industry you are in. We constantly work on improving your onsite optimisation whilst A/B testing for improvements to user engagement and conversion.



Content Creation

Once we understand what your customers are searching for we can then create the high quality content that we know that they want to find and more importantly what the search engines will rank. Regular quality and relevant content is one of the keys to success for SEO.

Our team of copy writers will continually work on optimising the content of your website to ensure search engines see your website as an up to date resource and to help further develop your website content.

Link Building

Improving your online authority and trust through link building is a must if you are to rank highly. By building links from high quality and relevant websites in your industry and niche we will significantly boost your website’s authority and trust metrics which in turn will propel your website to the top of the search rankings. We will use the most modern and ethical link building techniques.




All of our work here at SWOT Digital is based on transparency. We want you as the client to know what we are doing and the results generated from all our hard work. How we do this is through a personalised Google Data Studio report that pulls live data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, our ranking tools and any other data you require.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you have tried SEO before or a company considering Search Engine Optimisation for the first time, talk to SWOT DIGITAL today.

We provide hands-on management of your SEO campaign with transparent reporting so you can see exactly what we are working on and how your organic visibility is improving.  With over 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation we’ve loads of satisfied customers.  Why don’t you become the next one.

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Common SEO Questions

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

SEO takes time – unfortunately unlike paid advertising, instant results cannot be expected. In our experience SEO campaigns begin to see results within 6 months, however this depends on a number of factors including:

  • The competition for keywords you are looking to rank for
  • The Industry that you work in
  • The location you want rank in (local, national or international)

Also depending on the SEO we are doing, quick results can be achieved. For example technical and onsite SEO can typically generate big gains immediately.

How Long Should I Do SEO For?

Forever – that’s the reality. Even if you ran a successful SEO campaign for 12 months and achieved all of your goals – ranking #1 for every keyword possible,  if you then just stopped it would just be a matter of time before your competition catches you up.

With SEO it is important to have a constant and balance forward momentum, with regular content updates, link acquisition and keeping up to date with search engine updates. This allows you to keep growing your authority and trust; and most importantly keeping ahead of the competition.

Is SEO Worth The Money?

The simple answer is Yes – by improving your organic rankings in major search engines for business critical keywords you will increase your visibility and traffic for people looking for your products & services.

How Often Should I Do SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a fluid process and as such requires constant attention on a monthly basis. All of our clients engaged in SEO are on monthly retainers that allow us to spend the appropriate amount of time throughout the month on the most up to date search engine techniques to increase traffic and rankings.