The use of Social Media by both individuals and business has seen rapid growth in the last number of years. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn all feature in the top 10 most visited websites in Ireland. Others like Google+, Pinterest and Instagram are also gaining popularity as the Internet becomes an increasingly social place.

This provides a huge opportunity to Businesses, to engage with their existing customers, potential customers and other stakeholders on these different platforms. Each social media network offer a number of ways to interact with its users from posting and sharing free content to promotion and advertising.

Consequently, consideration must be given to Social Media and its inclusion in the marketing mix. Introducing Social Media Marketing Management from SWOT Digital.


Social Media Marketing Management

  • Client meeting to determine current use of social media and future goals for using social media
  • Strategy document prepared outlining Social Media marketing strategy
  • Implementation of Social Media marketing strategy
  • Ongoing reporting and management of Social media marketing strategy

In this approach best practice will be followed to achieve the clients goals. A combination of different social networks and tactics will be used to reach target audiences with tailored marketing messages.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Management

The benefits are numerous. By keeping a strict focus on the strategy created and your goals for Social Media:

  • We take the headache out of social media marketing
  • We make unique and relevant posts on the right social media networks
  • We grow your audiences with “real” people on social networks
  • We engage with your audiences and interact with them on your behalf
  • We promote your company through different social media channels with a range of advertising solutions
  • We report on everything so you know exactly how social media is benefitting your company

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