We believe that a website deserves to look good as well as rank well “out of the box”. We constantly see clients who have invested heavily in a brand new website only to find that it does not perform as well as it should in the eyes of the search engines.

Responsive websitesResponsive Design

Websites today are not just viewed by desktop machines, the growth of mobile and tablet devices being used from online browsing and shopping has increased year on year which means that your website needs to perform it’s function of generating leads and sales whilst being viewed by these devices.

A responsive website does just that by adjusting it’s layout based on the screen size of the viewing device being used. All of our websites are 100% responsive to ensure that the user experience of your visitors is maintained and the level of enquiries and sales your site generates increases.

Website Speed

Google is now taking notice of how quickly a website can provide it’s content to the end user and those websites that can perform this action quicker the higher they can rank for their designated search terms. For this reason we have put speed at the forefront of our priorities when developing a website. Our specialised WordPress hosting ensures that your website will pass all of the technical speed tests the search engines look for with an A rating. Check out how your existing website performs here and compare it to ours……

Benefits of our Website Design

  • Fully responsive design across desktop, laptop, tablet & smart phone devices
  • Search engine optimised content and layout
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Fast loading website for both users & search engines

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