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Black Friday is just around the corner, literally only a few days away, and a lot of advertisers are still not ready for what is one of the most important e-commerce dates of the year.

If by any chance you are one of them, don´t despair, despite not being the ideal solution as most of this preparation should be made with weeks in advance, it’s not too late to make some last minute changes that can leave your site just a click away from the multitudes of users who are looking for the products you supply and help you generate a very positive return on investment (ROI)

In this digital era, instead of pursuing a particular product in a crowded mall, the majority of consumers now prefer to access the web to locate specific products and buy them online. After conducting an online search, people are looking for the best deals, which are often listed in Payed Advertising, particularly Google Ads. And this further endorses the importance of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Thanks to the increase in the consumer’s interest in making purchases because of all the discounts and promotions, with careful planning and by following our recommendations below, you will be able to increase your store’s traffic and consequent sales.

Create new, or adjust your existing Ads and their corresponding keywords.

Online shoppers change their shopping mentality during the Black Friday season. It is of vital importance that you also change your Ad copy’s and use keywords that reflect this buying mood to boost more search volumes related to it.

During Black Friday, all PPC ads should explicitly detail the offer or promotion. For example, a headline that says, “Black Friday Discount, 25% Off” is attractive to buyers. This announcement gives an aspect of relevance (percentage of the discount) and timing of the offer, provoking the urgency of the purchase by the potential buyer. To further instill that sense of urgency, you should also consider adding countdown customizers and inventory references to your ads.

Some of the words you should use in your PPC ads are Percentage Off, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Discount, Deals, Promotions, Savings, and Offers. Not only these words will add a more striking look to your ads, but they will also increase their relevancy.

Also, in PPC ad text should convey value, using phrases that awaken the emotional sense of buyers, such as joy, happiness, success, and so on. These small adjustments can make your ads more attractive, increasing your click rate.

Increase you Campaigns budget and adjust your Ads CPC.

For AdWords, it is critical to remember that in this period until Christmas and especially on Black Friday, cost per click (CPC) values tend to increase significantly due to the increase in competition and the search for higher ad positions.

You must increase the budget of your campaigns, and carefully adjust your CPC so that your ads can get the necessary impressions and clicks you desire.

Increasing the budget of your campaigns during this time and carefully adjusting your CPC will help your ads obtain the necessary impressions and clicks you desire, and also avoid your campaigns from being restricted.

Update and Improve your Landing Pages.

Finally, make sure your landing pages are consistent with your PPC ads. This helps provide a good user experience for your website’s visitors thus raising the chance of them buying your products, as well as increase the relevance of your ads.

Just remember that whatever strategy you apply, it’s crucial to carefully define a Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) and to stick with it, adjusting it if necessary but without getting into “bidding wars” that could possibly ruin all your efforts for a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday PPC campaign.

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