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According to the Irish Times, 63% of Irish small and medium size enterprises now have an online presence.  This is the first step for business acquiring customers online.  However, what many small businesses have found, is that creating a website is by no means a guarantee of success online. So many times, over the last 15 years or so, businesses owners have come to us exasperated that they have got no customers from their website despite spending thousands on getting a website developed and published on the Internet.  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to explain to people it is not the case, (akin to the Field of the Dreams) that if you build it they will come.  I often give the analogy that, instead, it is like building a shop on the moon.  It might be the sleekest shop, selling the best brands at the cheapest prices, but if people are not aware of its existence people will never visit your shop and never, ever buy from you. So what are your options as a small business owner?  How do you get people to find out about your website and get them to become your customers?  Thankfully there are several options.  Some are no-brainers and can give you a jump on your competition.  Others require an investment in time and/or money.  Below we look at a few of these: Build your website to best practise Your website needs to be functional.  It needs to make sense.  When a prospective customer arrives on the site the path you want them to take and actions you want them... read more

Google Ad Grants For Non Profits

Google Ad Grants, provide a significant opportunity for Non-profits to advertise their charities on Google, driving thousands of targeted visitors to their website every month. In the ever increasing competitiveness of this sector, having a presence here might give charities the competitive advantage they need to grow, or even just to survive. In this post we discuss what Google Ad Grants are, how to get them and how to keep hold of them to avail free advertising worth USD$10,000 every month.

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Dominate AdWords With Super-Sized Expanded Text Ads.

This year, has arguably seen the largest amount of changes in Google AdWords since the advertising platform was rolled out nearly 16 years ago. Expanded text ads is perhaps the most significant change, giving advertisers nearly 50% extra space in the ad copy. By effectively incorporating appropriate ad extensions you now have the ability to contruct ads that are over 500 characters in size.

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Expanded Text Ads have arrived

Whenever there is an announcement of a new feature in Google AdWords the ears of the SWOT Digital PPC Team prick up. As anyone who is a follower of the Google AdWords blog will know updates are not uncommon. However, they are generally not seismic and typically do not make front page news, even in the very niche world of pay per click advertising.

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Have Your Google Rankings or Organic Traffic Dropped?

If you have noticed a decrease in your organic rankings and website traffic recently it is important to identify what the problem might be and resolve it as soon as possible.

Take a read of our handy 3 part guide and see why you are dropping down the rankings or sitting on a ticking bomb that could lead to organic disaster.

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Mobile Friendly Websites Part 1: Recent developments and trends

If you own or operate a website, Google’s website update of April 2015, will not have passed you by. You may remember it was headline news, with even SKY News and the BBC carrying the story of so-called Mobilegeddon and mobile friendly websites. We were told it was going to be the biggest update in a very long time and anyone without a mobile friendly website, could expect to see a significant (negative) impact on the organic traffic they received from mobile devices.

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Referrer Spam and Your Analytics

For over a year now your Google Analytics data has been corrupted by rogue traffic sources that you have probably not been aware of.

What this means is that the overall traffic that you have seen rising on your site may not actually be from legitimate sources and your website has not actually being growing the way you actually thought.

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5 Killer Google AdWords Features You Should Be Using

If you are a small business owner you are likely familiar with Google AdWords advertising. You’ve probably been approached by numerous Google AdWords agencies and/or Google themselves, maybe enticing you in offering sign-up incentives likes this:   Google AdWords Promotional Credit Offer   You may have decided to run with AdWords and are currently using this advertising channel to push targeted traffic to your website. Maybe you have adequate resources in-house and are doing it yourself, or maybe you decided to outsource this to a third party to manage this for you. If you are currently using AdWords you are probably wondering if you are getting the most from it and if you are using an agency, whether they are doing a good job for you. Below I discuss five great features of AdWords that if you are using AdWords in any shape or form should be very familiar with. Google AdWords Change History Report This is a biggy, particularly if you are outsourcing your AdWords management. You can find it in your AdWords dashboard under the tools drop-down menu as shown below Change History Report in Google AdWords   Here you can see a history of all the changes that have been made to your account. This is the first place you should look if you are not happy with the level of activity on your AdWords account and are concerned your AdWords agency are not working as hard as you want them to.  Any changes that are made are detailed and dated going back to the beginning of your AdWords advertising. It’s also a very useful tool,... read more

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