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Dominate AdWords With Super-Sized Expanded Text Ads.

This year, has arguably seen the largest amount of changes in Google AdWords since the advertising platform was rolled out nearly 16 years ago. Depending on how you look at it, this has presented Digital Marketing Agencies, who manage Google AdWords for their clients with significant challenges and/or huge opportunities to gain competitive advantage in this advertising space. So what has happened? Well first, in February this year we waved goodbye to right hand side ads: source: search engine land Not only were right hand side ads removed but the number of ads showing at the top of the search results increased from three to four: Why did Google do this? On their blog they say “Earlier this year, we removed right-hand side ads to improve the search experience and make it consistent across mobile, desktop, and tablet” Whilst this is valid, commercial reasons most likely play a major factor in why Google made this change.  The knock on effect of showing four ads in the top four positions in the search engine results is that organic search results are pushed further down the page.  A recent survey found some 55% of people are not aware which links in the search results are paid ads and which are natural, organic ones. So what are the likely results of these changes? More people will click on the ads Less people will see or click on organic results AdWords will become more competitive with more advertisers using AdWords Ad auctions will become more expensive, clicks will cost more Google will get richer(!) And agencies will have to work much harder for their clients to achieve... read more

Expanded Text Ads have arrived

Whenever there is an announcement of a new feature in Google AdWords the ears of the SWOT Digital PPC Team prick up. As anyone who is a follower of the Google AdWords blog will know updates are not uncommon. However, they are generally not seismic and typically do not make front page news, even in the very niche world of pay per click advertising.

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Have Your Google Rankings or Organic Traffic Dropped?

If you have noticed a decrease in your organic rankings and website traffic recently it is important to identify what the problem might be and resolve it as soon as possible.

Take a read of our handy 3 part guide and see why you are dropping down the rankings or sitting on a ticking bomb that could lead to organic disaster.

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Mobile Friendly Websites Part 1: Recent developments and trends

If you own or operate a website, Google’s website update of April 2015, will not have passed you by. You may remember it was headline news, with even SKY News and the BBC carrying the story of so-called Mobilegeddon and mobile friendly websites. We were told it was going to be the biggest update in a very long time and anyone without a mobile friendly website, could expect to see a significant (negative) impact on the organic traffic they received from mobile devices.

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Referrer Spam and Your Analytics

For over a year now your Google Analytics data has been corrupted by rogue traffic sources that you have probably not been aware of.

What this means is that the overall traffic that you have seen rising on your site may not actually be from legitimate sources and your website has not actually being growing the way you actually thought.

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5 Killer Google AdWords Features You Should Be Using

If you are a small business owner you are likely familiar with Google AdWords advertising. You’ve probably been approached by numerous Google AdWords agencies and/or Google themselves, maybe enticing you in offering sign-up incentives likes this:   Google AdWords Promotional Credit Offer   You may have decided to run with AdWords and are currently using this advertising channel to push targeted traffic to your website. Maybe you have adequate resources in-house and are doing it yourself, or maybe you decided to outsource this to a third party to manage this for you. If you are currently using AdWords you are probably wondering if you are getting the most from it and if you are using an agency, whether they are doing a good job for you. Below I discuss five great features of AdWords that if you are using AdWords in any shape or form should be very familiar with. Google AdWords Change History Report This is a biggy, particularly if you are outsourcing your AdWords management. You can find it in your AdWords dashboard under the tools drop-down menu as shown below Change History Report in Google AdWords   Here you can see a history of all the changes that have been made to your account. This is the first place you should look if you are not happy with the level of activity on your AdWords account and are concerned your AdWords agency are not working as hard as you want them to.  Any changes that are made are detailed and dated going back to the beginning of your AdWords advertising. It’s also a very useful tool,... read more

SWOT Digital Limited achieve Google Partner Accreditation.

Recently SWOT Digital were certified by Google, as Google Partners. We are delighted to achieve this accreditation and look forward to working with Google, to better serve both our existing and future clients. Why is Google Partner accreditation important? 1) It gives our existing customers the peace of mind that their AdWords Accounts are being setup, optimised and managed by a company that meets Google’s high standards for Google Partner accreditation 2) It informs prospective clients that SWOT Digital are serious about AdWords.  We have satisfied Google’s criteria to have been awarded Google Partner status. How did we achieve Google Partner accreditation? Qualifying Google Partners must: 1) Pass a number of examinations set up Google. These exams cover different areas of Google AdWords including the search network, the display network, video advertising and Google Analytics 2) Adhere to best practise in Google AdWords management such as improving the quality score of keywords, using location targeting and topic targeting. 3) Maintain a client spend of over USD$10,000 over a continuous 90 day period. Do you need a Google AdWords Partner for the management of your own Google AdWords account? A Google AdWords partner should know Google AdWords inside out! You might be managing your own AdWords account in house at the moment and are seeing good results. You might be getting leads and customers but is your AdWords account delivering to the maximum? We would always advocate that as a small business you should focus on your core business activity and it is likely if you did this and outsourced non-core activities (like Google AdWords management) you should get a... read more

Are you ready for April 21st and the Mobile Friendly ranking algorithm?

We are barely a month away from Google’s Mobile Friendly ranking algorithm. Are you prepared? If your site is not mobile friendly by this time, all of the current organic traffic you get from mobile devices is at risk. How quick do you need to act? Well, the first question you need to ask yourself is, do you currently get significant traffic from mobile devices? The answer to this can be found by logging into your Google Analytics account and following these steps: Set a time period of the last 30 days. Deselect “All Sessions” Select “Organic Traffic” In the left hand navigation under Audiences, select Mobile” and “Overview” You will then be presented with a table something similar to the below   Here you can see how much traffic you get from different devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) along with a number of other important metrics, namely: Bounce rate Average session duration Conversions Conversion rate It is seen for this account, that mobile sessions are on average shorter, with a higher bounce rate & convert less with a lower frequency. These metrics alone might indicate, that improvements are needed with the existing mobile usability experience. In this example, mobile organic traffic only accounts for 13.77% of visitor sessions, however for other websites mobile visitors are significantly higher (well over 30%). So what would the impact be to you as a small business if the tap that is mobile traffic suddenly ran dry? Maybe you are not currently getting much mobile traffic anyway and see an investment in making your website mobile friendly too prohibitive. However when you consider... read more

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