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The newest AdWords extension, CALLOUT extensions, is being rolled out right now.  In beta for a time, all AdWords users will now start to see this new option in their Ad Extension tab.

This post is a quick introduction to what callout extensions are, where to find them and how and why you might use them.  We finish with our opinion on how beneficial they will likely be to AdWords advertisers.

What are callout extensions?

Essentially they are another line of text within your AdWords advert and sit between the second line of description text and your site links.  Unlike site links callout  extensions are not clickable.  The idea of them being is to use small, punchy call to actions or articulate more information (like special offers) that do not fit inside the normal ad real estate space.

Each callout extension is limited to 25 characters (including spaces) so consideration needs to be given to how best use this additional (yet limited) text field.  Like other extensions you can add several ‘callout s’ (you have to create at least two) and Google will choose which ones to use based on performance.

Where to find the Callout Extension?

The callout extensions, like other Ad extensions are found in the extension tab.

Image showing Callout extension location screenshot in Google AdWodes

Simply navigate to this, select callout extensions from the drop down and add at least two callouts.

What to put into your Callout Extensions

Google recommends that you use these to highlight specific information about your products and services.  They can show additional information to potential customers before they click your ad; while also being a factor in Ad rank.  They could be used in such a way for you to standout from your competition.

Image showing callout extensions being used


The Benefits of Callout Extensions

On going to post, (September 11th 2014), very VERY few advertisers are using this new feature.  So by acting now, you can get ahead of your competitors

We think like other new AdWords innovations, there may be changes in how callouts are used and displayed by Google.  In our opinion, in their current form they make the whole ad a bit bunched up with lots of info and if the purpose of them are to be call to actions perhaps they need to stand out a bit more (note I highlighted them in the image above, they are not highlighted in the actual ads.

The obvious benefit of callouts is its another line of text to use in promoting your goods and services.  Not are you provided with this additional ad real estate but by availing of it, you are pushing your competitors ads below down even further.  In other words you are increasing your adverts visibility, by implementing callouts at the expense of your competition.

In conclusion

We are glad to see this new innovation from AdWords.  It will be adopted quickly by the more savvy advertisers and agencies who look after multiple clients, for their clients, if their eye is on the ball that is.  As the innovation matures it will be interesting to see how it evolves.


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