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July 24th will be remembered as the day Google started rebranding their core products. One of their most popular products since 2000 AdWords just became simply known as Google Ads. These changes are being done in lieu of a new approach to advertising strategies handled across a broader range of platforms.

Rebranding and Reworking with the User in Mind

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice-president of Google Ads division, Google decided to redesign and simplify their products interface making each function easier to handle by base-level users. The company is seeing this process as a way to bring one step closer their marketing tools to an ideal point to be approached by both professionals and beginners alike.

While the change seems to be a big one, the company has stated that most of the rebranding is mostly a cosmetic facelift as well as a new approach to their business model to let more users use the new audience-targeting features to create custom-made marketing strategies in accordance to their visions for business.

Three New Brands

The Google Ad products will be presented from now on as three independent utilities, with Google Ads continuing to be front and centre as the main advertising portal, providing users the ability to advertise on all Google surfaces (Search ads, Display ads, YouTube videos ads, Google Play app ads, location listings in Google Maps, etc).

Google is also launching a brand-new function nicknamed “Smart Campaign”, an advertising product that will be the default mode for small business advertisers. With the help of machine learning technology, Google Ads will optimise the text, images and targeting for the actions prioritised by the advertisers (be it website visitors, purchases, phone calls, etc.), so they can more easily get better results by reaching target consumers on any channel, anywhere and at any moment.

The second brand being presented is the Google Marketing Platform that merges Doubleclick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

As part of Google Marketing Platform, another product was introduced called Display & Video 360, that will combine and integrate features from Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Studio and Audience Centre.

The third and last new brand being launched is Google Ad Manager. According to Jonathan Bellack the director of product management for publisher platforms, the new tool merges Google’s monetization tools for publishers like DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, integrating most of their features into a single platform.

Changes to Keep with the Ever-Changing Times

The Google Marketing Platform itself is currently being re-developed as an integration centre that will allow novice and experienced marketers alike to get a complete picture of how each one of the tools are functioning for them and the way these can be integrated to bring forward a better performance to a specific campaign.

More now than ever, having a qualified Digital Marketing Agency to run your Google Ads campaign will optimise your ROI and ensure that your search engine ads are correct, focused, optimized and professional, so if you need help with your campaigns, feel free to Get in Touch.

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