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Being just present on the Internet is no longer an option for brands that want to succeed. In recent years, a lot has changed and building the digital presence of a brand has become critical for it to prosper in today’s market – especially if we take into account new consumer habits.

One of the most notable challenges faced by companies today is to achieve online visibility and take full advantage of the marketing potential that the internet offers. As the world becomes more and more virtual, increasing the visibility of brands in this environment becomes not only a possibility but also a necessity.

The premise, at this point, is quite simple: if your potential clients are on the internet, so should you be. They perform searches, compare prices and if your product or service does not appear in the search results, in the first pages of search engines, you’re missing a great chance to sell them your solution.

To prevent your company from losing sales and for customers to better find your products or services, you need to find the best ways to promote your business on the internet.

By choosing and implementing the right digital marketing strategies, you will increase your brand online visibility and will be found by your ideal customers.

To help with your digital marketing strategy here are some important things to consider for your business:

Meet your audience

Find out exactly who your audience is and who buys and uses the products and services you offer. In the beginning, the easiest way to do this is to research your current clients.

When defining your buyer personas, do not limit yourself to very general aspects such as “women from 22 to 39 years”. From distinctive needs and desires to behaviour and habits, try to gather as much detailed information as possible.

With that valuable information at hand, you can chart and execute digital actions much more accurately, reaching the right people, at the perfect time, and with the right message.

Have a responsive website

A company’s website is the central pillar of digital presence and also the basis for promoting online visibility, and this is valid for both small businesses and big companies alike.

To be efficient a website needs to be responsive (adapt to any screen size) and optimized with the latest SEO techniques.

People have changed the way they shop, in physical environments and virtual stores.

The digital consumer is buying more and more through smartphones. Therefore, your company website or store needs to adapt to the most different types, sizes and formats of screens that exist: desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

This strategy, in summary, is linked to the production of relevant content to attract visitors to your company´s website or virtual store. It is one of the pillars of Inbound Marketing, which consists of attracting visitors, converting them into leads and then closing a sale.

From your content marketing strategy, you can produce various types of materials to contribute to your online presence, such as:

· blog posts;

· e-books;

· videos;

· podcasts;

· presentations.

These are just a few examples, as there are no limits to content creation. The most important thing is to produce relevant content that is useful to your audience. By following these tips, the chances of your website or online store being found are higher, making your brand stronger and more established in the market.

Be present and make good use of Social Networks

Having an active social media presence is very important to gain online visibility. The definition of the best channels of action and a segmented strategy is essential to reach the target audience more efficiently. Carefully choose the best social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), taking into consideration the nature of your business and the audience that typically attends it.

It is essential to maintain a frequency of postings, choose the best times, post relevant content and, above all, try to encourage interaction.

In addition to visibility, you have the opportunity to build a good relationship with your followers.

Measure results and make changes

The biggest differential of digital actions and online marketing is the possibility of measuring and collecting the results obtained almost in their entirety. They are extremely valuable to you, and you can use them to promote changes in your strategies or increase investments in others like Search Engine Optimisatiion Or Pay Per Click campaigns

And one thing is sure, as soon as your business is more visible on the various digital communication channels, the likelihood of attracting new customers and generating more traffic to your website is much more significant. Being seen on the internet is the primary resource to become a reference in the market, build and strengthen the brand, attract more customers and increase sales.

As you can see, digital marketing is the best way to increase the visibility of your brand and generate new business these days. If you need help, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Author: Paulo

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