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In addition to optimising your site to make it appear as well-positioned as possible, PPC is another indispensable tool in an integrated web campaign and is sometimes the right and quickest choice to achieve greater visibility and generate traffic to your website.

If you are looking for ways to advertise your website on the internet, you have certainly heard of Google AdWords, the most effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement system.

The text adverts (sponsored links), are intended to promote your products and services prominently, making your brand stand out in front of the competition, being evident in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The methodology is simple: Define your target audience, write an objective Ad presenting your business/service, then set the keywords and finally choose how much you are willing to invest. Based on the PPC system, you will only pay a certain amount for this service when a consumer clicks on your ad.

These ads appear based on the search terms, appearing only when they are most relevant, which results in more qualified traffic to your site.

That is, advertising on Google increases your chances of receiving visitors and get sales because Google AdWords ads are only presented to anyone who is already interested in the product.

This makes AdWords campaigns one of the most effective advertising options online.

Creating an AdWords campaign is a relatively easy process, but to increase the return on investment of your ads you need to create high-quality campaigns, which requires knowledge and active and ongoing hands-on management.

 Benefits of AdWords Campaigns

Advertising on Google through Google AdWords offers a remarkable range of advantages to companies of all sizes and sectors of activity:

  • Increase qualified traffic to your website –  not only you can choose the search terms that trigger the ads but you can also choose to show them to people from a single Country, Region or language, for example.
  • They are considered useful and relevant – as they appear only to those who are looking for the advertised product/service, they provide a response that is desired.
  • Optimum value for moneyan advertiser is only charged when ads are clicked on.
  • Good conversion ratesby writing relevant and engaging content can drive leads and business through the website.
  • Brand Buildingthey increase the notoriety of companies using them for free (when they are not clicked).
  • They allow monitoring to optimize – access information in near real-time on the performance of each advert.
  • Accurate Calculation of Return on Investment – Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics.
  • Strict cost control – A maximum daily budget is set.

 PPC, without a doubt, is an excellent strategy to increase the visibility and sales for any business, regardless of the size or segment of your company.

Google AdWords is a tool that can complement your business and even be a determining factor when it comes to advertising your product.  It is the fastest way to increase website traffic and sales over the internet, with full cost control, fully measurable return, agility, targeting, and immediate reach. You can pause ads, redefine your strategy, and put it back into action.

By ongoing micro-management, you can see whether or not the campaign is working and make the necessary adjustments to conveniently control the return on investment.

Having a qualified Digital Marketing Agency to run your Google AdWords campaign will optimize your ROI and ensure that your search engine ads are correct, focused, optimized and professional, so if you need help with your campaigns, feel free to Get in Touch.

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