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Should I have a blog? Isn´t it enough to be on social networks? What will I post on this blog? These are the questions that many companies ask when they analyse the alternatives of content production. The answer is yes, they should have a blog, and no, it is not enough to be on social networks.

Content is at the heart of all digital marketing strategies. It helps you create relevance for your website and shows that your company has experience in the business. The success of a blog is measured when users remember your name as a reference and access your content to see their questions answered.

Companies that already have a corporate blog come out ahead of the competition, because they can strengthen their relationship with existing customers and get closer to potential new ones through the information provided.

Any company that seeks to succeed online should include a blog in their digital marketing strategy.

In recent years, conducting online searches for information about products and services has become a habit of consumers before making the purchase decision.

Having a blog enables you to generate more visibility for your business and increase the popularity of your site; Each new page of your website indexed on Google will be a new gateway to find your company and the solutions you offer.

It is worth mentioning that the blog needs to be updated and contain quality content, information about the company and products, promotions, news about the area of ​​business performance, among others. It needs to share interesting and pertinent information for the users.

A corporate blog is like a digital home that centralises all information related to a brand. It’s an excellent way to channel traffic to an institutional website, but that’s not all. It is also a direct channel of communication between the company and its target audience, without intermediaries, which helps to create a brand identity and allows you to create a bond with consumers far beyond a mere buying and selling relationship.

Unlike social networks, where content is temporary and subject to the functioning criteria of each network’s feeds, blogs have a permanent and stable character, where content is always available.

Below we’ll see the advantages of keeping post journals and exciting content on your blog to make your brand a market authority.

1. Build reputation with Google

A blog that produces quality content builds a reputation on Google. Being present in the first top positions of search engines is one of the main objectives of digital marketing. This strategy helps improve the organic reach of indexed pages and keywords related to your business.

2. Attract visitors who become leads

How many new sites did you discover on social networks from an indication of friends? In this context, blogging is one of the pillars of marketing that most lead visitors to the top of the sales funnel.

When your blog content meets the visitor’s expectations, they stay engaged at receiving other material from your company, moving on to the next step in the funnel and becoming leads.

 3. Build credibility

Creating exclusive and useful content will increase the credibility of your business. When a company speaks accurately about a subject and proposes to help the user with tips, lessons, and booklets, recognition comes naturally.

With good content and periodicity in the posts, your blog can become a reference and indication for other companies. In addition to taking the name of your business to a new audience, the links used in other domains that indicate your site, is one of the factors Google considers when it comes to ranking your pages.

4. Create a communication channel with both customers and business partners

Blogs are a more reliable and direct source of communication than being dependent on the interest and connection of others.

A dynamic blog that is frequently updated with new content creates a relationship with the audience and make life easier for consumers whenever they seek information about your brand, causing them to visit your website more regularly.

They centralise the content marketing strategy, enabling frequent sharing of social media, creating eBooks, or being the source of content for email marketing initiatives.

Business blogging is a great tool to increase visibility and, consequently, to close new business deals, being a fantastic way to help your company stand out for people looking for your products or services.

Author: Paulo

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